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"You will finally learn how to stop the diet yo-yo and         permanently succeed in fitness and health!"                                  

-PJ Glassey, Author


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The first and most important step to getting in shape is NOT exercise or diet! 

It's reprogramming your brain! 


Cracking Your Calorie Code addresses what no one else is talking about: the fact that your brain programming - not your fitness or dietary habits - dictates your success! 

The reprogramming process you will learn in Cracking Your Calorie Code will create a brain that thinks lean and causes you to act lean, so results happen without the huge effort required of your past attempts. 

Cracking Your Calorie Code will teach you: 

How to think like a lean person, so you become one without the need for willpower!
How to change your mental picture of yourself so you keep the fat off once you lose it!
Specific techniques to increase your metabolism through your attitude alone!
Specialized instruction on how to permanently break cravings!


Cracking Your Calorie Code will also teach you some shocking information about recent scientific research on "Calories"...

It's not about the number of calories, it's about the type and timing of calories.
There are certain calories that have a negative fat effect. The more you eat, the leaner you get!
Certain calories slow your metabolism while others turn you into a fat burning furnace!
Some calories shoot you straight into fat storing mode, while others build muscle and increase your metabolism to burn fat off!


Cracking Your Calorie Code will solve the age old problems of: 

Why you make excuses and how to stop the cycle.
Not having enough time for exercise.
Finding the motivation to get fit.


Cracking Your Calorie Code will also teach you new exercise techniques that will: 

Break through the fitness plateaus that frustrate you!
Produce at least twice the results in less than half the time of traditional cardio and strength training methods!
Get strong, toned and lean without bulking up!


Finally Get the Body You've Always Dreamed of!

Here are just a few of the Life-Changing Chapters you'll
find inside Cracking Your Calorie Code!

Cracking Your Metabolic Code
Cracking The Overeating Code
Cracking Your Hunger Code
Cracking Your Cravings Code With EFT
Cracking Your Travel Nutrition Code
Cracking Your Metabolic Set Point Code
Cracking Your Body Type Code
Cracking Your Strength Code
Cracking The Age and Exercise Code
Cracking Your Cardio Code
Cracking Your Excuses Code
Cracking The Fitness Plateau Code


And yet there's more!

While Cracking Your Calorie Code will give you all the knowledge and the tools necessary for fitness success, you can also order the companion workbook from this website to target the specific mental exercises for even faster fitness success!

In this workbook, you will have access to:

Daily affirmations for fitness success.
Advanced techniques for busting cravings and emotional eating.
Visualization and instructional exercise on changing your mind's eye.
Becoming an optimist so you truly and deeply believe that you can achieve!

How much is the companion workbook?

Only $17.99 (discounts apply ordering the book and workbook together)

(+$4.99 shipping and handling. International orders extra according to location)

Book and workbook options


Cracking Your Calorie Code Companion Workbook
is a Powerful guide to permanently breaking out of the hamster wheel of continuous fitness plateaus, yo-yo weight loss, and diminished results.

Remember that this companion workbook is meant to compliment the main book, so be sure to order Cracking Your Calorie Code first, or it won't make much sense!

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